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Ghana Medical Relief is a 501(c) nonprofit humanitarian organization that delivers healthcare to various villages in Ghana.
We work in collaboration with hospitals, churches, and organizations in the United States for supplies and medical equipment that are donated to hospitals and clinics in Ghana.

To date, the organization has donated hospital beds, ultrasound machines, examination tables, cardiac defibrillators, operating room equipment, and numerous medical supplies/medications to several hospitals and clinics. Our goal is to provide healthcare missions annually at local villages in Ghana where we screen for health issues and educate the villagers on preventive healthcare. The organization consists of healthcare providers, teachers, engineers, and lawyers all with a common goal of delivering better healthcare to the people of Ghana.”

Our Mission

To provide healthcare, one village at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to organize a much larger and cohesive Ghanaian healthcare network in the United States and abroad that is in sync with the needs of the communities at home. Thus, creating an environment that will continue to foster education and advancement. We believe this will help us replicate sustainable healthcare models and implement evidence based medicine programs across Ghana.