Dr. William Rockson is a General and Cosmetic Dentist who practices in South Orange, New Jersey. He graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Afro-American Studies. He obtained his Dental Degree (DMD) from the University of Medicine and Dentistry, also in Newark, NJ in 1995.

Dr. Rockson completed his general practice residency program in 1997 at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Lyons, NJ which included clinical rotations at the St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson, NJ and East Orange Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center. He joined a group dental practice in Somerset, NJ and Newark, NJ after completing his residency. In 1998, his own private practice was established in South Orange whilst he was still working part time at both places. With steady growth he concentrated on his practice full time.

Dr. Rockson is also a staff member at the Jewish Renaissance Medical Center in Perth Amboy, NJ. He was a South Orange rotarian for many years. As a rotarian, he was the only dentist who performed free Dental Screening to “Head Start” programs in conjunction with Seton Hall University. He is an active member in good standing with the Academy of General Dentistry and American Orthodontic Society.